Are You Ready to Become a Virtuoso Performer

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The Virtuoso Performer is someone who has exceptional skills in the art of performing.

On the Outside

The Virtuoso Performer is someone who emanates charisma, connects quickly and meaningfully with the audience, and is able to communicate with such authenticity that they are magnetic, and help transport the audience into a different world.  It is someone who performs with such mastery that it looks as if the performer is improvising their performance for the first time on stage and having fun doing it.


On the Inside

The Virtuoso Performer  is someone who can easily manage and control their energy levels, has mastered their material on a very deep level, and has made conscious decisions as to what they want to convey and how they are going to do it. It is someone who understands fine nuances of physical communication and is able to communicate effectively with others and themselves, not just so that the performer  knows what he or she means/feels but so everyone else does too.

The Virtuoso Performer also  knows how to capture and lead the imagination of a crowd while on stage. It is someone who understands what confidence is and how to develop it and how to use it to authentically convey who they are.

A Virtuoso Performer is someone who knows exactly what they want to do, but has the ability to accept and adapt to any changes and not let any mistakes affect the rest of the performance. Also it is someone who knows that the negative little voice inside your mind is NOT the truth, it is only a point of view that has been practiced a lot more times then the positive one. Most importantly, it is someone who knows that ALL skills can be developed and everything is a skill, and they have fun doing all of it.

As you can see the differences between what come through on the outside and what has to happen on the inside are fairly dramatic. The problem is that as performers we often try to give the appearance of the outside without the backing of what should be on the inside. The Virtuoso Performer will not only help you identify what skills you need to develop but also give you a method to develop them, and a means to measure them, so you know which ones are working well and which ones to fix.

The Virtuoso Performer will show you how to be your best self from opening the material for the first time, until you walk out of the venue after your last performance…but make sure not to let the positive things you learn leak out into other areas of your life and affect them for the better also, because, for example, being able to control yourself in stressful situations is probably not a skill that is useful anywhere else in life.;)

Over many years I have given great performances and not-so-great performances, and sometimes they were within 20 minutes of each other. So, I knew the answer wasn’t always “Just Practice More” (Although sometimes…it certainly wouldn’t have hurt). I have spent many years trying to figure it out for myself to help me become a stronger, more technically secure, more emotionally engaging performer, and how to have fun and convey that fun while doing it.

So the only question left is:

 Are You Ready to Become a Virtuoso Performer?

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The Virtuoso Performer